A Logo Study for Sound Productions

by The Image Doctor

Years ago I had an awesome experience working with Sound Productions on a small church sound system in Lewisville – and I’m still happily on your mailing list. Today, perhaps I have the opportunity to return the favor.

I am not an A/V professional. I’m a visual designer and marketing consultant, with over 30 years experience on the creative side of the business. Recently, CV19 gave me the opportunity to do more of the work I really like to do, for companies I respect, which brought me full circle to Sound Productions.

For some time now – as I’ve received various emails, clicked thru to various offers, and visited SP online – I’ve been intrigued by the Sound Productions logo and how it might be updated without being completely reinvented. A few weeks ago, I officially challenged myself to do this very thing, and you’ll find the results below.

Although I started working on the SoundPro logo as a personal project, I felt the particular solution shown below was strong enough to at least warrant sharing with you, on the crazy chance the timing is right.

On the other hand, I also realize how disruptive a “new logo” can be for some companies / leaders, even when they recognize the need for it.

Nevertheless, logos have been my specialty for 30 years; and in my professional opinion, the online business entity of SoundPro.com deserves a logo that’s every bit as solid and up-to-date as the company it represents.

if you like what you see, I’m just up in Flower Mound and can swing by anytime to discuss options or next steps.

Kevin Lynam

Original Company Logo

Updated Website Logo

Desktop Site

Mobile Site

Social Media

Logo Variants

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